Business Management Solution

Leave Management System (LMS)

LMS is a web-based application designed to electronically simplify the application, approval, routing and administration of various employee leave types in a paperless manner. LMS reduces operational expense by freeing up HR Department time. LMS achieves this by allowing employees to administer their own leave application in a paperless manner.

LMS operates in real-time and always displays up-to-date information. The system maintains a complete audit trail and can provide detailed reports that can be referenced by a qualified user anytime, anywhere.

LMS allows the system to scale and remain highly independent of the operating system platform. The unique underlying technology behind it makes implementation fast and less hassle. The system also adopts an open architecture to the underlying database to be used.

Claims Management System (CMS)

The Claim Management System also known as CMS, is a web-based solution which allows staff and management to submit and approve on-line expenses and monthly claims. Staff are able to select the claim type and process in real time for instant approval by the appointed managers.

Features at a glance:

  • Simple interface for detailed creation, appraisal, and approval of claims.
  • Archiving system which allows easy viewing to determine claims history and eligibility

Business Management Solution

Asset Tracking System (ATS)

The asset tracking system is a web-based inventory management solution which allows electronic storage of inventory information in a central depository, which enables better management and tracking of fixed assets. This Java application has capabilities to create and scan bar codes online and offline using its portable data collector. Any information regarding an asset, a logistic user, a loan, or a loan request is efficiently stored. The system is capable of uploading scanned documents for easy retrieval. Powerful searches based on key words are also possible.

All activities on the system are recorded. The audit trail of an piece of equipment can be viewed by users. For control and management reporting purposes, both standards and adhoc reports can be catered to, using selected popular generators.

Other Features Include:

  • Logistic users functions
  • Logistics users and management functions

Dynamic Resouce Planning System (DRPS)

Maximize asset utilization by incorporating dynamic production planning and scheduling.

Our dynamic planning and scheduling solutions help clients identify cost savings and optimize efficiency in complex operational environments. Whether you are trying to improve production planning and scheduling or want to ensure that your equipment or required expertise are efficiently utilized due to rescheduling, our solutions will help you optimize the yield of your resources. Our unique approach to these complex problems will improve the utilization of your skilled workforce, create a robust framework for responding to sudden changes in production schedules, and provide greater visibility into your operations.

Benefits of the DRPS

  • Reduce operational costs by developing an asset deployment model that reacts dynamically to daily changes.
  • Incorporate complex environmental changes and economic variables into your optimization
  • Reduce overall production time by minimizing tool downtime
  • Incorporate complex customer data into your decision-making process
  • Maximize labor productivity by dynamically re-optimizing resource allotment in real time based on changing supply and demand.

Event Management System (EMS)

The core engine allows clients to manage events. This includes the creation of events, the sourcing of participants, role assignment, and scheduling.

Other features include participant polling, leader management and modules to facilitate collaboration within the groups, including document sharing.