Portal and Collaboration – Knowledge Management

Client: A Leading Research Agency

Objective: The agency required a knowledge hub to provide users with updated news from the agency, access to the agency’s various applications, provide a user-centric, one-stop information portal, and create a platform for cross-division communication and collaboration within the agency, cultivating greater staff interaction, sharing, and promoting common culture.

How we did it: Info Lab developed an easy-to use portal, including web 2.0 modules with personal and document management functions. We also streamlined the communities of practice for any interactions. The result was a knowledge management hub to provide resource centre that facilitated the sharing of information and resources within the organization.

Information Management – Workflow Management

Client: A financial authority

Objectives: The client was looking to revamp their business application to allow their business to users to submit their applications for approval and thereafter, allow the interactivity and collaboration with the organization, to process the application accordingly to the business rules processes.

How we did it: We created a business process and electronic form for the client’s corporate e-lodgement system to communicate and interact with the audience by using the relevant imagery. This system increased efficiency in the process flow by creating a fuss-free, usability-enhanced experience which improved the client’s level of identification and recognition among its audiences.

Customised Solution – Events Management

Client: A large organization

Objectives: An integrated member management system to extend more services to the organization’s members and manage members’ and non-members’ profiles. This system was envisioned to enable organization’s leaders to manage, collaborate, and connect to their groups.

How we did it: Info Lab created an Intergrid Web 2.0 system for the Integrated Member Management System of the organization, creating an intuitive, user-centric portal system for simple, effective information flow and navigation. This system enabled organization leaders to gain a holistic view of their members to collaborate and connect to them. It also allowed members easier access to information and services such as reservations, bookings, and document sharing.

Customised Solution – Dynamic Resource Planning

Client:  A Research Institute

Objective: The institute wanted a web-based planning system to provide comprehensive and flexible resource planning to manage and allocate resources, equipment, and people.

Results: We created a Dynamic Planning System (DPS) which increased the efficiency of the resource and inventory management, allotment and allocation.

It achieved the following:

  • Increased efficiency of the resources planning.
  • Increased efficiency for the usage and management of the machine and personnel.
  • Easy-to-review project, inventory, and resource information
  • Simple management of the Dynamic Test Result Templates
  • Real-time Dynamic Resource allocation reports generation

Consultancy and Business Intelligence

Client: A leading shipping company Objective: rationalize their business units, accountability, and ownership, and introduce key performance indicators to track progress and generate reports.

How we did it: Info Lab was involved in the study and review and helped in the formulation of the goals and indicators, and using business intelligence tools, developed a business intelligent system to track the performance of the various units.