Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Currently INFOLAB offers Hosted Private Cloud Enterprises that demand dedicated computing, networking and logically segregated storage delivered as a service.

It’s the scalability that makes the Cloud incredible without the sacrifices in performance, flexibility and security that can make it impractical.

Infolab adopt the cutting edge technology like Software Define Network (SDN) to support the strategy to scale.

The Strategy to Scale described below incorporating the Software Defined Network Strategy as follows:

3 Steps to SDN

  • End hardware locks
  • 50-60% TCO
  • subscriptions based
  • Two or more virtual appliances, one physical machine (ex. DPI + cache +pcrf)
  • Bridging existing VPN networks to data center VM’s
  • Integrate and Innovate

Step 1

  1. Flexibility and cost savings to operators
  2. New IaaS Revenue Opportunities
  3. Force vendors to earn incumbency

Step 2

  1. Increased cost savings to operators, reduced footprint and power requirements
  2. Complimentary network functions consolidated New Revenue opps at low cost

Step 3

  1. Operators VPN’s have always been software defined networks
  2. Seamless integration into existing infra, add granular control
  3. Customer retention