Deskera MRP solution helps you optimize your entire manufacturing process – from production planning and process scheduling, to quality, compliance and inventory control – while reducing the total manufacturing costs. Manufacture finished products from raw materials and deliver sales orders on time with optimal coast effectiveness.


MRP key Features

Record Product Data

Predict material requirements for work orders and future production. Add new products and define product features like multi-level BOM, inventory integration, discrete and process manufacturing, quality and backflush.

Manage Factory Machines

Define active and substitute machines, and tag machines to multiple processes, work centers and labor. Map machines to various asset groups and sub-groups. Manage machine lease and depreciation. Monitor machine maintenance schedules and track machine breakdowns with ease.

Manage Labor Resources

Define Different labor groups and assign multiple key skills. Map labor to machines and work orders based on their skill set, resolve resource conflicts and monitor resource cost for optimal results.

Define Routing Code

Optimize manufacturing routing by defining thee routing sequence for products and work orders. Create routing templates, routing codes and assign different tasks or sub-tasks under them.

Manage Work Orders

Manage make-to-stock and make-to-orders work orders. Link work orders to sales orders and sales contracts. Define routing templates, codes and tasks to each work order. Track real-time status of component availability and task progress.

Perform Quality Checks

Set Up quality testing parameters to identify issues ranging right from material selection to final product testing. Inspect, verify and test products to ensure quality conformation.

Plan Product Delivery

Maintain records of shipping and billing addresses for all customers and vendors. Define internal or external methods of packaging and define the shipment and delivery modes.

Tack Work Center Activities

Create work centers, define work center operating capacity, map machines, labor and products to different work centers, and assign shop floor manager to each work center.

Maintain Master Contract

Maintain a unique master contract for every customer with end-to-end details like the customer contact, billing and payment terms and shipping and packaging requirements.

Generate Master Production Schedule

Define a production schedule for use of resources and processes to manufacture products for work orders. Modify production schedule to accommodate client needs.

Monitor Costs

Plan targeted manufacturing costs. View reals-time difference between standard and actual costs while managing various types of machine, material and labor overhead.

Demand Forecast

Set various criteria for product demand forecasts and draft them into different templates. Exercise industry wide proven methods to forecasts demand. Define forecasts based on sales, work orders, seasonal trends, etc.