Internet of Things (IoT)

Our IOT division provides integrated IOT beacon solution for micro-location tracking using trilateration and contextual communication for multiple sectors and our solution address many use cases, such as:

  • Student & Employee Tracking
  • Asset Tracking and RTLS
  • Retail: Proximity Marketing
  • Banking: Customized Communication
  • Smart Public Transportation
  • Events: Engagement and Analytics
  • Smart Cities: Accessibility
  • Education: Interactive Learning
  • Hospitality: Memorable Experiences
  • Healthcare: Real Time Patient Locating System (RTPLS)
  • Resource Management & Nurse Calling System
  • Building & Facility Management

Our IOT division pioneering engineering team have developed core expertise in Bluetooth Beacon technologies such as AOD (Angle of Departure) and AOA (Angle of Arrival), iBeacons and Eddystone protocols. Our solutions are very cost effective and ready to use or it can be easily customized, according to your needs.

Our products are designed to solve real world use cases and challenges. such as:

Our EzzTank solution brings Home Automation to next level EzzTank is a wireless IOT solution which will monitor your overhead tank water level and automate water motor ON and OFF condition and by it will maintain minimum water level in your overhead water tank all the time and at any time. It is a completely wireless technology and requires no wiring.

EzzPark is an IOT solution to manage commercial and private car parking space, with an intelligent API and mobile app Ezzpark let you reserve a parking lot and enforces your reservation using IOT enabled “parking lot enforcement barrier”. EzzPark improves your customers shopping experience and revenue.

Our TTURK (Trace and Track your kid) is a student tracking & monitoring solution provided at an affordable price. Tturk is integrated school management and an IOT solution to track your kids location real time in school campus and or in school bus. Machine learning algorithms for behavioural analysis.

EzzTrack is equipped with GPS/GPRS/BLE tracking technology, EzzTrack let you keep track of your loved ones and belongings and receive real time alerts.

Speak to us for your IOT and beacon tracking requirement.

Designing, developing, integrating and delivering robust solution to everyone is one of InfoLab’s visions in contributing on Singapore’s view of Smart Nation.

We enable things to become smarter every day and our solutions focus on:

  • Home Automation
  • Tracking – indoor and outdoor
    • Logistic Tracking
    • Employee Tracking
    • Asset Tracking
  • Sensing Environment
    • Temperature
    • Passive infrared sensor
    • Light Dependent Resistor

Technologies we used